XSITEPRO2 – The World’s Best Web Design Tool

If you already have an online business, or you dream of starting an online business, then XSitePro2 is the tool you must have. Instead of struggling to create fantastic websites with tools like Dreamweaver, I found out how easy it is to create fantastic looking sites using the power of XSitePro2.

OK, so there is nothing XSitePro2 can do that Dreamweaver can’t do, but I have found XSitePro2 does
it so much better, faster and more efficiently. As far as I’m concerned XSitePro2 is so much better that it is leaving Dreamweaver out in the cold.

XSitePro2 has been designed to meet the exact demands of its users – beginner and pro. Beginners will find XSitePro2 far easier to master than DreamWeaver and I find their tutorials second to none when starting out.

For all you Pro web developers/users, the list of features included in XSitePro2 are just fantastic and enable you to create great web sites quicker and easier than ever before.
The features I have found most useful are…

The hundreds of great looking templates
Great Graphical Menus/Layout Options
Audio/Video Wizards
Site Search Functionality
1500 pages of How-To topics

When you create websites with XSitePro2, they are search-engine friendly, human-friendly and designed to help you make money with Internet Marketing. When it comes to Internet Marketing, XSitePro2 beats Dreamweaver hands down.

Using XSitePro2 has helped me build my affiliate sites so much faster. I have cut my website development time in half, probably even more. What I do like is your websites are optimized, and ready for both search engine and human visitors.

Apart from the website builder feature, XSitePro2 is packed with tools that help you integrate money making programs into your website.

If you sell products on the Internet like ebooks or software, you can easily create PayPal buttons to collect payment on your website. Just follow one of the Wizards and you will be selling in minutes.

When it comes to building affiliate sites, direct response sales letter websites, corporate websites, search-engine-friendly websites, I find XSitePro2 is by far the best software I have used – hands down.

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