Key Factors to Consider for Hiring Offshore Development Partner

With the rise in internet activities businesses have crossed the country borders, which has led to great changes in software development. Now software teams have been linked to cities, nations and ocean. The offshore development companies in Asia and Eastern Europe provides software development services at 1/4th the cost of on-shore software development. Moreover, technological innovations have also made this business communication easy. There are several online platforms from where you can easily find companies and even freelancers to outsource your project with complete security of your money.

More and more companies are going for offshoring because they are able to get high-quality programming talent within their budget or even less than that and more time to concentrate on core competencies. The major task in software development is aligning people, their knowledge, and your business objectives. There are a few things that you need to consider before you outsource your project to an offshore software development company.

What is vendor’s core competency?

Your decision of outsourcing your project is simply because you are looking for expertise help to complete it. Therefore, you need to find out a vendor whose core competency is website and application development. If their focus is at one service, they will give their 100% on your product.

Are they offering budget-friendly services?

When you choose to outsource your work, you will get to work with the offshore companies in two ways: hourly or fixed price. You can ask for the total project price if it is a short-term or one-time work. But if your work is a long time and will continue for many more months to come, then you should prefer to get work done on an hourly basis. Before finalizing your deal, get all the paperwork done in advance and that too in a proper manner to avoid any issues.

Do they have sufficient experience?

Don’t forget to consider the experience of the outsourcing company. Make sure it is sufficient for the web development. If the vendor has a good experience, then it will truly reflect in their work.

Did you check their reputation?

It is extremely important that before you finalize anything, you must check the reputation of the company. Check their Google or Facebook reviews. Find out what their customers have to say about them. Their past clients are their true testimonials. They can tell you more about the company and how good they are at their work.

Once you consider all these factors, it will be easy for you to decide which company you would like to hire. You need to search an outsourcing company that is fit for your organization and the task you want to get completed.

Web 2.0. The Social Media Revolution – Make Your Voice Heard Above the Crowd

In the beginning of the internet, their was a massive divide between the web developers, and the end users.

It seemed that post the most basic information on the internet required degrees in computer science, and months of frustrating “hit and miss” attempts to get your message formatted in a way that was even barely user friendly.

Bright yellow web pages with lime green text, there were plenty of these about. Small graphic images that took minutes to download, and even longer to upload in the first place.

Lost connections, error messages and virus infestations were everywhere.

I’m not talking fifty years ago either, just ten or twelve.

The internet is a very different place now. Although WEB 2.0 represents nothing officially, it is recognised as the ground shift in the way end users can now actively participate on the web. Add to the discussions and even the media that is accessible by others on the internet.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and MySpace a the leaders of a huge following pack of user friendly WEB 2.0 sites that not only allow user participation, but owe their very existence to the products that we, the end user decide to upload and participate in.

With any innovation on a scale this enormous comes the possibility to leverage it for profit. These sites attract the most enormous numbers of visitors. The potential to marketing either products or ideas on these sites is clear to all.

The key for an internet marketer is first to understand the function of these sites. Join each site in turn, fill in complete user “profiles” for yourself.

Next, you need to make friends with people with a similar interest to yourself. Join existing groups within your chosen niche, if none exist form your own.

Finally, provide evidence of your ability. Answer questions, provide free help and information. Be an asset. If the opportunity arises you may be able to link to your own personal sites or web holdings.

Finding ethical and transparent ways to use WEB 2.0 sites to attract more internet traffic to your own sites is a task that is well worth undertaking.

The internet is a more open and user friendly experience. Having your say, learning from others, and getting a clear message across to others who would benefit from it is now easier than ever. Thanks to WEB 2.0

Use Joomla For Publishing Your Content on the Web

The World Wide Web has a lot of content on it. For the publishing of this content many different platforms can be used and among them Joomla is also included. You can use this content management system platform, which is open source, in order to publish the content on the web as well as the intranets. It is not possible for a non-technical user to work with this and this is why you should have the services of some professional company that can help your business grow.

Your business would be able to become prominent and can bring a lot of profit for you. If you wish to give a different look and feel to your web sites then you must have the expertise of these professional companies. You can also use DotNetNuke for building the web sites of your business. It is based on Microsoft platform and is an open source platform. The DNN would allow you a lot of flexibility and comfort. Even the non technical users would be able to customize the features as well as would be able to personalize the web site according to their own demands. Third party modules as well as the graphics and layouts can also be used for improving the look and feel of your web site.

There are many advantages of having the services from these companies. You can have a real professional look with these companies. The web development as well as the web consulting solutions provided by these companies is unrivaled and you would be able to give a boost to your business with the help of these companies.

Such companies are spread all over the world. You can find many such companies in New York, Boston and Florida. There is also no restriction for getting the services from the company which is in your own city or state. You can easily get the services from a company which is in one part of the world while you sit in the other part. There also some companies that provide these services to the businesses at low and affordable rates, which makes these professional and expert companies a perfect choice for your business. You would be able to make your business prominent and would bring a lot of clients for it. The clients will be great impressed and satisfied with your business due to the services provided by these professional companies.