How to Find a Decent Web Designer

The first strategy you can employ is time-tested. Ask someone for a referral. Most of our clients come through referrals and word of mouth is usually the best strategy when picking a web designer because it’s usually what we do with all other services or trades… we ask our friends. You need a carpenter, painter, plumber… the first thing we usually do is ask around to see if our friends and family knows anyone and it usually works out fine. (Assuming of course that your friends LIKE their web designers!)

The second strategy is to look at sites that you like, whether its in your local town or industry, or simply some site that you happened to stumble upon. Most times web development companies have a referral link on the bottom of their client’s sites, so you can check them out and see if the rest of their work is cool. But before you contact them, drop a note to the site’s owner. Make sure they had a good experience before you get yourself into a proposal process. Most small business website owners will be happy to take a minute to tell you whether their designer gets a thumbs up or thumbs down. This is probably the second most likely reason we get contacted… someone saw a site we did and then they asked the site owner if things went well, then they contact us directly.

The third strategy could seem a little scary because it involves reaching out to strangers either through a web search, an advertisement or some random link you saw somewhere. This is the web equivalent of a cold call and there are some things you can take into consideration.

When you’re talking with them, do they seem to throw a lot of technical terms at you, like a car mechanic who throws out a lot of incomprehensible mumbo jumbo but doesn’t bother trying to explain it in regular terms? Do they suggest building a site that you can control over or do you get the feeling that they really want to do all the updates themselves? Last but not least, do they have enough experience? You should be able to see at least 15-20 projects they’ve done. You don’t have to like them all, but they should clearly show a variety of styles and content types, because this will tell you that they’ve worked with lots of different types of clients.

How To Find The Right Web Design Firm For Your Website

Getting a website designed is no more a difficult task. Even when you have some peculiar requirements, you can get them intertwined in your website to achieve desired results. If you do not have any idea about web development, a web design company can prove to be of immense help in helping you create a well functioning website. There is a variety of companies offering different types of services. They employ expert and experienced professional web designers to work on your website and incorporate every requirement that you have. The toughest task for you is to choose a website design firm that can make your website one in thousands.

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself before choosing one of the many website design companies.

• Does the company have enough work experience?

When talking to the company professionals, you would come to know of their previous projects and achievements. It is important to know more about ways they adopt to satisfy their clients. If you are not able to judge from words, it’s better if you ask the concerned person to provide you the addresses of the websites they have created in the past. You will then have a chance to see the ability of the company. You can go to the websites and ask the owners about their experience of working with the company. After you are satisfied with various opinions, you should take necessary steps.

• Does the company charge a nominal amount for their services? Will the results be worth it?

When choosing a web design company, price considerations become crucial as you will be investing your hard earned money into the website. Different web design firm may quote different prices for their services but it’s you who has to know the budget allocation for the same and whether the work is worth the investment or not.

• Will my website be search engine friendly?

When you have to find a company for getting your website designed, a firm that promises a search engine friendly design should be on the top of your priority list. You don’t just need a design; you need a website that attracts audiences as well as search engine crawlers. Make sure the company produces search engine friendly websites to be able to give your company a higher rank on the Google search pages.

These are some of the basic considerations that you have to look for. There are other requirements like customer service, add-on services and technical expertise of the professionals. Compare and take a decision that makes your investment worthwhile.

Website Development – How to Keep Costs Under Control

For someone who wants to have a website designed, the cost can be daunting. Some designers are willing to perform website development services for a reasonable amount of money whereas others tend to charge you much, much more to have your site created by them. There are ways that you can keep your website design and development costs under control. Here are just a few of them

Be clear about what you want

Communication is always important but if you are trying to keep website costs under control being able to talk about what you need is critical. Designers will often charge you a set amount for your website design or development project but this tends to cover only a certain amount of design time. If you are unclear about what you want and keep asking them to make changes to your site you may find that your cost begins to increase over and above what was quoted to you initially.

You need to be clear about what you want your site to do and what you want it to look like. While you should be open to a certain amount of adjustment or alteration if you know what you want you will generally be able to get the results you want much more quickly than if you are at all undecided.

Simplicity can be beautiful

You may want to think about going with a fairly simple website design. Unless you need specific functionality you may find that a fairly straightforward web design will meet your needs and help you promote your company. A simple website is often easy to build in a fairly short period of time and unless you are waffling about what your site should look like it may be possible to get a great website for a reasonable price. It is all up to you, your preferences and your needs.

Start small and expand from there

Depending on the kind of business you operate you may be able to start with a smaller website and add pages or sections as they are required. If you are leaning towards this approach it may be worthwhile to talk to your website development company and make sure that the site is built in such a way that it can be expanded easily.

Look at package deals

You may want to look at the package deals that some web development companies offer. If you are going with a full service company that also does graphic design you may be able to get a website as part of a complete branding package. The entire package may be more expensive than just a website but you may find that it costs less than the individual elements would cost if you decided to get them separately. Only you know what you need and which company and approach suits you best.

A great website can be a great way to promote your company but you do not want to pay more than you need to in order to get what you want. By using the above guidelines it should be easy for you to stay on budget without sacrificing the look or functionality of the website you are trying to get.