Website Development and Web Design – Vital Elements

Nowadays most of the businesses consider website development an investment and want to be assured of return on investment (ROI). The ROI cannot be assured unless the website is designed and developed with a lot of care and effort. Some of the key elements that assure the success of web development are as follows:


The website should be appealing to the visitor. The website needs to be attractive to convert the visitor into a buyer. There are different ways to make the website appealing and attracting. The two main ways for this are the embedding of visual content and the color scheme. Both these ways are subject to the product or service being sold and the targeted audience. The home page along with other pages should be so attractive that the visitor should be tempted to read them.

Upgrading and Updating:

Every time the visitor visits the website he/she should find it interesting. This is only possible when the website is regularly upgraded and updated with information that is of the visitor’s interest. How would you feel if you visit a website after a year and find that nothing has changed? The upgrading and updating is considered positive by the search engines for indexing the search engine list.

Easy Navigation:

It is natural for the visitor to get irritated if he/she visits your website and does not find what he/she is searching for. This could be because of the messed up layout and the relevant webpage being placed deeper into the website. The visitor should be able to find what he/she searches for in the least number of clicks. This aspect is very critical because the online visitors usually run short of time and want to access the information as soon as possible. Navigational ease facilitates higher ranking of the website in the search engine list. Accessing various pages in the website should be made very easy.


A website is not a person and consequently cannot interact with the visitor as any human being can do. The possibility of the visitor doubting the authenticity of the website increases. This doubt could be very detrimental for the business. The best way to get rid of this doubt element is through mentioning the physically address of contact along with other details such as phone number and email address.

Listing Page:

There should be a page totally dedicated to mentioning of the products or services being offered through the website. The visitor should be able to easily access this page and come to know whether the product or service of his choice is being offered or not. This page should be linked directly with the page giving detailed information about that product or service.

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How to Distinguish a Professional Web Site Design Service

There are various IT companies that offers Web development services but how can you find a professional web site design company?

Usually, when potential clients look for information, they use search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN to help them find the sites that can cater to their needs. But since there are thousands of websites that offers web design services, what is the probability that the site that was picked is the best? Researching in the Internet can be a tedious job since there are several information available and not everything that can be read is a reliable source. But don’t fret, this article may help you to find an offshore solutions partner that professionally delivers the web design service that you wanted.

There are several criteria for a website to be considered as a professional site. Of course, a potential client will foremost scrutinize the overall web design site before it consider it’s service. The client will search for a site with a professional look and feel because the website is the main portfolio of what they can offer. If a site doesn’t look good, potential clients won’t even consider dealing business with this company. Below are some of the common factors that can help clients determine if a company’s website is professionally done.

Aesthetically pleasing web design. The first thing that potential clients will notice is the appearance of the web page. When he visits the site, his decision to explore or exit from the site will be based on the overall visual aspect. Since a web site is the medium for persuasion, it needs to designed with as much thought and effort considering the target audience and how it will appeal to the potential customers.

Content and Text. The site should contain all the information that is written well and was proofread by an editor. Typographical errors or misspellings won’t increase the site’s credibility.

Site navigation. The clients should see the important links, it must be consistent and located at a position most visible to them. It would also help if there’s a sitemap available on the site.

Functioning Site. Different clients are using various types and versions of hardware and software to view the site. It is a good practice if the site was checked as compatible with different browsers and screen resolutions

Portfolio. A portfolio of past works can showcase the variety of designs that the web design company can offer and at the same time it can show how well they have satisfied each client’s needs by highlighting their specific services and products through the web site.

Organization. It is important to have an organized website so that potential clients will be able to find the necessary information that they are looking for quickly.

Includes Valuable Information. All valuable information should be readily available. Anything a customer might need should be included on the website, from phone numbers to directions or any other important information.

Using the guide discussed above will help potential clients to distinguish a professional web site design company to those who offer poorly created sites because choosing the right professional website designer can go a long way towards helping clients achieve their business goals.

Website Development – How to Keep Costs Under Control

For someone who wants to have a website designed, the cost can be daunting. Some designers are willing to perform website development services for a reasonable amount of money whereas others tend to charge you much, much more to have your site created by them. There are ways that you can keep your website design and development costs under control. Here are just a few of them

Be clear about what you want

Communication is always important but if you are trying to keep website costs under control being able to talk about what you need is critical. Designers will often charge you a set amount for your website design or development project but this tends to cover only a certain amount of design time. If you are unclear about what you want and keep asking them to make changes to your site you may find that your cost begins to increase over and above what was quoted to you initially.

You need to be clear about what you want your site to do and what you want it to look like. While you should be open to a certain amount of adjustment or alteration if you know what you want you will generally be able to get the results you want much more quickly than if you are at all undecided.

Simplicity can be beautiful

You may want to think about going with a fairly simple website design. Unless you need specific functionality you may find that a fairly straightforward web design will meet your needs and help you promote your company. A simple website is often easy to build in a fairly short period of time and unless you are waffling about what your site should look like it may be possible to get a great website for a reasonable price. It is all up to you, your preferences and your needs.

Start small and expand from there

Depending on the kind of business you operate you may be able to start with a smaller website and add pages or sections as they are required. If you are leaning towards this approach it may be worthwhile to talk to your website development company and make sure that the site is built in such a way that it can be expanded easily.

Look at package deals

You may want to look at the package deals that some web development companies offer. If you are going with a full service company that also does graphic design you may be able to get a website as part of a complete branding package. The entire package may be more expensive than just a website but you may find that it costs less than the individual elements would cost if you decided to get them separately. Only you know what you need and which company and approach suits you best.

A great website can be a great way to promote your company but you do not want to pay more than you need to in order to get what you want. By using the above guidelines it should be easy for you to stay on budget without sacrificing the look or functionality of the website you are trying to get.