Tips for Choosing the Right Website Development Company

With the help of the right website development company, you will be able to create a website that creates ripples in the internet world. However, it is not that your website development company will land in your lap, on a silver platter. You have to conduct some of your own research to choose the right company that caters to the needs of your business or company.

Go through the portfolio of the website development company
Experience is an important factor to take into consideration when choosing anyone’s services. Looking at the company’s portfolio is the best way for you to find out how good a website development company is. Look for the types of projects the company has done, the number of projects completed so far and if the company has served big or small clients. You will be able to decide whether to do business with the website development company or not, by taking a look at its portfolio. If you want to outsource projects, find out if the company is experienced in outsourcing matters. This is important, to ensure that your work does not reach wrong hands. Check to see if the website development company has a well defined web development process it follows. If the company has no clear cut process that it follows, you find that your project will not be successful. In addition to this, you have to go through the information security policy of the website development company.

Sign an agreement ensuring safety of all your information
This is to ensure that whatever information you provide to the website development company lies and remains in safe hands. In fact, signing a confidential Non Disclosure Agreement ensures that you have a legal binding with the company where you are sure that all the information you provide them remains safe and secure. Of course, also ensure if the company has the right firewall systems, secured VPN and network and restricted employee access systems. Make sure you ask clients of the website construction company about its reliability, professionalism, credibility in work and work efficiency. This gives an idea of the working capacity of the company. Always work with companies that provide you with a single contact for your website development needs. This is because if you are assigned a second person for your project, you just have to explain everything, all over again.

Have an agreement stating the completion date of the project
Once you have got everything clear, and have clearly defined your needs and prerequisites, it is important for you to ensure that you have an agreement stating the completion date of the project. This is to ensure that your website is produced as you want it, whenever you want it. Make sure all doubts are cleared, and that the website development company has understood what you want them to do. Once this is all done, you can rest assured that your website will soon be ready for you to use.

XSITEPRO2 – The World’s Best Web Design Tool

If you already have an online business, or you dream of starting an online business, then XSitePro2 is the tool you must have. Instead of struggling to create fantastic websites with tools like Dreamweaver, I found out how easy it is to create fantastic looking sites using the power of XSitePro2.

OK, so there is nothing XSitePro2 can do that Dreamweaver can’t do, but I have found XSitePro2 does
it so much better, faster and more efficiently. As far as I’m concerned XSitePro2 is so much better that it is leaving Dreamweaver out in the cold.

XSitePro2 has been designed to meet the exact demands of its users – beginner and pro. Beginners will find XSitePro2 far easier to master than DreamWeaver and I find their tutorials second to none when starting out.

For all you Pro web developers/users, the list of features included in XSitePro2 are just fantastic and enable you to create great web sites quicker and easier than ever before.
The features I have found most useful are…

The hundreds of great looking templates
Great Graphical Menus/Layout Options
Audio/Video Wizards
Site Search Functionality
1500 pages of How-To topics

When you create websites with XSitePro2, they are search-engine friendly, human-friendly and designed to help you make money with Internet Marketing. When it comes to Internet Marketing, XSitePro2 beats Dreamweaver hands down.

Using XSitePro2 has helped me build my affiliate sites so much faster. I have cut my website development time in half, probably even more. What I do like is your websites are optimized, and ready for both search engine and human visitors.

Apart from the website builder feature, XSitePro2 is packed with tools that help you integrate money making programs into your website.

If you sell products on the Internet like ebooks or software, you can easily create PayPal buttons to collect payment on your website. Just follow one of the Wizards and you will be selling in minutes.

When it comes to building affiliate sites, direct response sales letter websites, corporate websites, search-engine-friendly websites, I find XSitePro2 is by far the best software I have used – hands down.

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Web 2.0. The Social Media Revolution – Make Your Voice Heard Above the Crowd

In the beginning of the internet, their was a massive divide between the web developers, and the end users.

It seemed that post the most basic information on the internet required degrees in computer science, and months of frustrating “hit and miss” attempts to get your message formatted in a way that was even barely user friendly.

Bright yellow web pages with lime green text, there were plenty of these about. Small graphic images that took minutes to download, and even longer to upload in the first place.

Lost connections, error messages and virus infestations were everywhere.

I’m not talking fifty years ago either, just ten or twelve.

The internet is a very different place now. Although WEB 2.0 represents nothing officially, it is recognised as the ground shift in the way end users can now actively participate on the web. Add to the discussions and even the media that is accessible by others on the internet.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and MySpace a the leaders of a huge following pack of user friendly WEB 2.0 sites that not only allow user participation, but owe their very existence to the products that we, the end user decide to upload and participate in.

With any innovation on a scale this enormous comes the possibility to leverage it for profit. These sites attract the most enormous numbers of visitors. The potential to marketing either products or ideas on these sites is clear to all.

The key for an internet marketer is first to understand the function of these sites. Join each site in turn, fill in complete user “profiles” for yourself.

Next, you need to make friends with people with a similar interest to yourself. Join existing groups within your chosen niche, if none exist form your own.

Finally, provide evidence of your ability. Answer questions, provide free help and information. Be an asset. If the opportunity arises you may be able to link to your own personal sites or web holdings.

Finding ethical and transparent ways to use WEB 2.0 sites to attract more internet traffic to your own sites is a task that is well worth undertaking.

The internet is a more open and user friendly experience. Having your say, learning from others, and getting a clear message across to others who would benefit from it is now easier than ever. Thanks to WEB 2.0